Joining the White Lake Property Owners Association will enhance your experience of life on the lake.

White Lake, Eastern Ontario – CANADA

About White lake

White Lake is located in Renfrew County, 60 kilometres west of Ottawa, Ontario in Canada. Nearby communities include Calabogie and Arnprior.

White Lake is a shallow lake with an average depth of 10 ft (3.1m) and a surface area of 22.7 square kilometres. Learn more about White Lake on our Environmental page.

A detailed map for residents and visitors to White Lake in Eastern Ontario, Canada.

Why Join the WLPOA?

White Lake Property Owners Association (Ontario, Canada) was created to help all residents and cottagers enjoy the beautiful lake and its surroundings.

  • Our group installs and maintains the navigation buoys on White Lake. We receive no government support to do this. The costs of this public safety program are considerable. If you boat on White Lake you benefit from it.
  • We carry out political advocacy on behalf of the needs of the ratepayers on White Lake – getting roads repaired, fighting for emergency services to be kept here, working for environmental protections, pushing for sound fiscal policies from the Townships. We work to get your needs met.
  • Carrying out environmental research of the highest quality and monitoring conditions in the lake to keep it healthy and sustained for people now and in the future. This work is done by WLPOA volunteers. The Environment Bulletins written by Dave and Conrad that so many of you enjoy are part of this work too.

Membership in the WLPOA supports all of these vital activities and more.

What we do

A picture of a yellow navigational buoy.

Keeping boaters safe

Despite occupying four townships and two counties, we receive no financial assistance of any kind from any level of government to run the navigation buoy program.

It is paid for through White Lake Property Owners’ Association membership fees, and donations to the annual bottle drive at the dump. Thank you to all who make this public safety program possible.

If you boat on White Lake please consider joining the WLPOA. Your annual membership fee can help keep thousands of boaters safe.

A picture of a mother bird with young ones on White Lake.

Environmental research

We are so fortunate to have knowledgeable volunteers who monitor the lake on a regular basis, including:

  • water quality
  • water levels
  • seasonal trends (in temperature, clarity, depth)
  • wildlife

Historically, lake dwellers and cottagers wanted water levels kept high, but this is damaging over time. Today, we can make better, informed decisions.

Learn more on our Environmental page, which provides an introduction to the White Lake Science and Information website.

WLPOA on Facebook

Our Facebook page is a place where residents and cottagers share photography of the lake and its wildlife and common concerns and activities are shared.

The volunteers of the WLPOA also post relevant news and environmental updates on the Facebook page for all to see.

Discover more about life on White Lake on our Facebook page, and consider taking part.